Salinitas dan Flake Serasah Daun Mangrove yang Berbeda Mempengaruhi Pertumbuhan (Dendronereis pinnaticiris)

suyono, Suyono Salinitas dan Flake Serasah Daun Mangrove yang Berbeda Mempengaruhi Pertumbuhan (Dendronereis pinnaticiris). Oceatek, 09.

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Result of the research showed that leaf litter ofA. Marina contained 19. 48% which was higher than that ofR. stylosa that contained 5,86%,. while .R. stylosa contained lipid of 2.31 % dry weight, which was higher than that ofA marina that contained lipid of J. 96 % dry weight. R. stylosa contained the highest fibre. Survival rate ofPlSJ 66. 667 %, P182 I 00 %, P2Sl JOO %, P2S2 100%, P3S1 was 100% and P3S2 was 100%. The different feed types affected body weight increment: where P1 1 was O mg, Pl 2 wa 227 mg, P2 1 wa 27,9 mg P2S2 was 143 mg and P3Sl was 134 mg and P3S2 was 93 mg. The average number of posterior segment generated was P1 1 (5,08), P 1 2 (59,8), P2 1 (18,33), P2 2 (47,7) and P3 1 (40) P3 2 (33,5). Feeding artificial diet made from leaf mangrove litter as raw material increased growth but did not increase survival rate of the worm. Growth of the nereid worm fed with flake composed from leaf Utter ofA marina anda 30 ppt salinity was greater than that fed with flake made of leaf litter another and the mixture of leaf litter of both mangrove plant species. Key Word: nereidworm, leaflitter ofmangrove plant, feed

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